Culinary Japan

Japan is a paradise for food lovers. The Japanese cuisine offers a variety of interesting and delicious dishes and stands out for its emphasis on using quality ingredients that change with the seasons and impeccable presentation.


Japanese cuisine includes a wide variety of styles, dishes and cooking methods. While in Japan you should make sure to experience the variety that spans from raw seafood (sushi and sashimi), deep-fried foods (tempura), noodles (udon, soba, ramen) to the ascetic and originally vegetarian meals eaten by Buddhist monks that evolved into today’s haute cuisine (kaiseki).

Det kulinariske Japan - Rejser til Japan

Cooking classes

If you want to learn more about Japanese food and cooking Ichiban Travels can arrange for cooking classes with an English speaking teacher. If you are interested in Sake, we can arrange a Sake tasting or a visit to a Sake brewery where century old brewing methods are still used.


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