General Terms

All travel arrangements are subject to the Danish Act on Package Tours that provides a high degree of consumer protection. Ichiban Travels is registered with Rejsegarantifonden (no. 2555).


1. Contractual basis

As a traveller with Ichiban Travels, it is important that you have thoroughly familiarized yourself with the contractual basis of the trip, consisting of the offer or order confirmation, the travel program and invoice, itinerary and general terms. Special conditions for the trip are set out in the invoice or itinerary, and otherwise, these general terms apply. We assume that the traveller is familiar with all material received regardless of whether it is sent electronically or in print.


2. Sign-up

When registering for a trip, full name, as specified in the passport, address / email address and date of birth must be provided. Registration for a trip is binding for the traveller and the agency when the deposit is received by Ichiban Travels.

By payment of the deposit the traveller is considered to have accepted the terms and provisions of the contractual basis.


3. Payment terms

Unless otherwise stated on the invoice, a deposit of 25% of the total price – however minimum DKK 3,000 per person is payable at registration together with a booking fee of DKK 145 per person. If you require cancellation insurance in case of sickness, the insurance premium must be paid no later than payment of the deposit. We stress that some trips may have stricter cancellation policies and specific terms of payment. This will then be stated on the invoice.

The balance must be paid no later than 60 days prior to departure, unless otherwise stated in the invoice. If the deadline for payment is exceeded, the obligation for Ichiban Travels to deliver will lapse.



Payment can be made by credit card or by bank transfer. It is the responsibility of the traveller to ensure that the residual payment is received at the due date. When paying by credit card on our website, NETS will automatically add a fee, which can vary depending on the type of card. The fee will appear on the payment page.


4. Cancellation

There is no right of withdrawal when purchasing a package tour.

Unless otherwise stated on the invoice, the following cancellation policy applies. We stress that there may be extraordinary costs associated with certain trips; these will then appear on the invoice.

If cancellation takes place after final confirmation and payment of deposit and any cancellation insurance this will be lost. If flight tickets have been issued at the time of cancellation the ticket fare will be lost.

If cancellation takes place up to 60 days before departure a fee of 75% of the price in addition to any issued tickets will be charged. If cancellation takes place 59 days before departure or later, the entire price for the trip lost.

In the event that acts of war, natural disasters, deadly infectious diseases and other similar events should occur within a period of 14 days before departure, the trip can be cancelled free of charge. It is a condition that a Danish authority (such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs) directly advises against travelling to the area in question and that the events have occurred after booking of the trip.


5. Cancellation insurance

Insurance is the responsibility of the traveller only. When booking it should be considered to take out cancellation insurance in case of sickness. Cancellation insurance must be taken out at the same time as the booking. Insurance premium is not refundable upon cancellation.


6. Flight tickets

The flight tickets are booked for a specific travel as stated on the invoice. The tickets cannot necessarily be changed, cancelled, extended or transferred; this also applies to business class tickets, which will always be subject to restrictions in connection with a group tour. The price for changes and cancellations vary by type of ticket up to the full fare.

If the traveller has special requirements for ticket flexibility, changes, extensions or cancellations this must be stated in the invoice. Otherwise, the flight tickets are generally tickets that cannot be changed or refunded.


7. Flight

When booking, the traveller must supply his/her full name, as shown in passport. It is the traveller’s responsibility that the name is consistent with the current passport. The name can NOT be changed after booking. If the information is incorrect, it may result in a charge of up to 100% of the price of the flight tickets and other services or departure may be denied without responsibility for the airline or the agency. It is the traveller’s responsibility to check all travel documents immediately upon receipt.

Usually, check-in time is two hours before departure meaning check-in must be completed at this time. It is the traveller’s responsibility to ensure that check-in is completed in a timely manner. Remember to allow time for any queuing and transportation between terminals. Some airlines require earlier check-in, which also occur frequently in other countries. The exact time of check-in will be stated in the itinerary and the departure documents.

The time stated is local time.

There may be changes in the flight between booking and departure on which Ichiban Travel has no influence, for example by the airline’s change of flight schedules. Such changes will be communicated to the traveller as soon as they have come to Ichiban Travels’ knowledge. Always check with the airline for the exact check-in and departure times. These will appear from the airline’s website. Changes of gates and terminals along the way will appear on the screens at the airport.


8. Itinerary and program

After booking you will receive an itinerary. This includes a description of the trip, and overview of flights with current local flight times and a plan of arrangements on the destination, which is included in your trip. The itinerary includes hotels, transportation, car rental, excursions etc. If you participate in a guided group tour, the itinerary may be less detailed.

The travel program contains a detailed description of the trip, current prices and expected additional costs as well as practical information or specific provisions for the trip in question. You can also find information and facts about the destination at

This information is first and foremost meant as a help and service to our customers but also provides information of a formal nature, which the traveller is assumed to be familiar with.


9. Invoice

The invoice contains an overview of the booking. This includes the traveller’s full name, any extras (such as excursions, car rental, extension, visa, etc.), payment info, visa requirements, a the itinerary with current flight times (local time) as well as all current data and information, including any deviations from the program and the agency’s general terms. Regardless of what is stated elsewhere in the material received by the traveller, the information on the invoice is the current and applicable information. The invoice is also the customer’s receipt of booking and payment. If it is received electronically, it should be printed.


10. Passport and visa

It is the obligation of the traveller to investigate visa requirements for the entire journey and obtain any required visa. Further, it is the traveller’s responsibility to ensure that the passport is valid for at least 6 months after returning home.

Unless otherwise stated visa information on the invoice applies only to Danish nationals. If you plan to change the travel route and length, other rules may apply.

Prior to booking, foreign nationals should check applicable visa requirements, including visa requirements for transit. It is the traveller’s responsibility to inform the agency if the traveller is a foreign national.

Ichiban Travels accepts no responsibility for customers who, for whatever reason, are rejected on entry. Some countries require that appropriate currency and valid exit ticket is available on arrival.


11. Vaccination requirement

We provide information about vaccination options but not about recommended measures or statutory requirements, which must be provided by a medical doctor. When we nevertheless provide information on recommended vaccinations, it should be considered a service without any medical responsibility. The traveller must be able to document that any vaccination requirements are met by the international yellow vaccination certificate.


12. Interruption of stay

If the traveller interrupts a trip or stay, returns earlier than indicated in the program or itinerary or in any other way does not fully make use of the services booked, no claims can be made against the agency for non-fulfilment of services. Additional costs for transport and/or hotel are borne by the customer.


13. Transfer

Under certain circumstances, the trip may be transferred to another person who satisfies the conditions for participation in the trip in question against a fee. The fee depends on the character of the trip and the time of transfer. The agency does not undertake to re-sell a trip that has already been paid for.


14. Price changes

Under the Danish Act on Package Tours the tour operator may increase the agreed price as a result of rising transportation costs (including fuel prices), changed taxes, duties and fees and exchange rate fluctuations. As for changes in air fares, all duties and taxes the price is adjusted by the actual amount provided such amount exceeds 100 kr. Exchange rate fluctuations are adjusted if more than + 5% or -10% compared to the price stated on the invoice. Any price changes will only include the costs in the actual currency. If there is less than 20 days to departure, no adjustments can be made.

Example: The price of a trip is DKK 20,000. Airport taxes increases with DKK 150. The new price for the trip is DKK 20,150.


15. Cancellation by the agency

In the event that there is not sufficient travellers for a planned guided trip it may be cancelled by the agency up to 30 days before departure. However, our goal is to complete all trips unless otherwise stated in the program.

The guided trip may also be cancelled by the agency due to external circumstances that the agency and its partners have no influence on or which were not foreseeable (force majeure-like circumstances). In the above cases the customer has no claim for compensation other than a refund of the price. If the above were to occur, the agency will always try to offer a real alternative.


16. Change of the trip course

Ichiban Travels can make minor changes to the course of the trip after booking if necessary to ensure the quality of the trip. In certain cases, we work with late changes (to the extent possible) to create the best possible trip taking into account the weather and other local conditions and events. There will be no compensation for delays and changes within 24 hours.

Upon flight delay the agency is responsible as a representative of the airline, for which reason complaints shall be directed at the agency.
The agency’s responsibility does not exceed the limitations set forth in international rules and conventions. If an airline pays the appropriate compensation on site, no further claims can be made. Generally, compensation cannot be expected in connection with delayed home-coming.


17. Insurance

All travellers must take out travel insurance to cover at least the cost of medical treatment and repatriation. Ichiban Travels can assist with getting the travel insurance through Europæiske Rejseforsikring.

It is recommended to take out an insurance that also covers luggage. Complaints about damage to luggage and misdirected or delayed luggage must be made directly to the airline in question and a damage report (PIR report) must be completed at the airport immediately after the damage is done.

It is further a prerequisite for participation in the trip that the traveller acts responsibly and respectfully, including abiding by instructions given by the agency and its representatives.


18. Taxes and charges

A number of taxes and charges are collected in connection with issuance of tickets and are thus included in the price. Some local taxes, however, cannot be charged in advance and must be paid on site. Do always carry international currency for this purpose. Airport taxes may apply and will vary but are usually around 30 USD.


19. Your responsibility as a traveller

You must familiarize yourself with our practical information as well as the any information from the agency, including the program, itinerary and invoice. You must abide by its instructions and any directions from a guide.

You are expected to be familiar with publicly available information about the current political situation and health and natural and climatic conditions at the destination.

It is your responsibility to arrive on time at the times and places specified in the itinerary. You are responsible for keeping informed of any changes in departure times eg on the airline’s website, as well as comply with any rules on reconfirmation of flights as stated in your itinerary.


20. The agency’s responsibility

Ichiban Travels acts as an agent for the carrier(s) involved in the travel/transportation, which are solely responsible for the correct implementation of the transportation agreement. That company’s/those companies’ terms and conditions and limitations of liability are therefore applicable. The transportation takes place under the Montreal and Warsaw Conventions and Regulation 889/2002, which limits the carriers’ liability in case of death or injury and for destruction, loss or damage to luggage, and in case of delay.

Ichiban Travels’ liability for deficiencies as well as personal injury and damage by ship and rail travel is limited to the liability of our suppliers as determined under the Athens Convention and COTIF/CIF Convention.


21. Fees

A booking fee of DKK 145 is charged per person. The booking fee also covers the fee for Rejsegarantifonden and product liability insurance.
Upon purchase of flight ticket only the fixed fee to the security foundation of Rejsegarantifonden for cover in case of airline bankruptcy and fee for liability risk per person is DKK 25 in total.

Fee for changing of confirmed bookings, DKK 1,000 per order (plus any direct costs for hotels/arrangements etc.). Name change only when this is possible.


22. Breach and complaints procedure

In the event that any breach is found after beginning the trip, you must immediately make a complaint to Ichiban Travels or our representative to allow us to remedy the breach. If you fail to complain appropriately during the trip, the right to subsequently claim breach and make claims for compensation against the agency is lost.

If the breach is remedied, no claim can be made for proportional reduction (in Danish: “forholdsmæssigt afslag”), if the remedy takes place within reasonable time and without costs or major inconvenience for the traveller.

In case of disagreement between the agency and the customer regarding deficiencies of the trip, the client may bring the case to the Danish Pakkerejseankenævnet (see

These general terms and any agreements between the agency and the customer and any disputes that may arise thereof shall be governed by Danish law. If no amicable solution can be found, the venue shall be the City Court of Copenhagen.




Subject to general writing and pricing errors.


Revised 7 September 2015

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