Japanese green tea

Tea is an important part of Japanese life. The drinking of tea was introduced to Japan from China around the 7th-8th century.


The Japanese green teas are processed in a way that gives the teas a very exquisite and fresh taste. To prevent oxidation the tea leaves are steamed right after being picked, thus, preserving many elements of the tea leaves that are beneficial to the health.


If you want to know more about Japanese green tea and the production, Ichiban Travels can arrange a visit to a tea plantation.

Grøn Te - Rejser til Japan
Te ceremoni - Rejser til Japan

Tea ceremony

Another way to experience the significance of tea in modern day Japan is the tea ceremony.


Although developed by the warrior class in Medieval Japan, the tea ceremony, which is basically a ceremony centered on the preparing and drinking of tea, is still widely practiced in modern Japan. The tea ceremony is normally held in a specially designed tea house that supports the simplicity and aesthetics of the ceremony. If you are interested in trying out the tea ceremony for yourself, Ichiban Travels can make the arrangements.


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