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Ichiban Travels offers a variety of services for those wishing to visit Japan. We operate under the Danish Act on Package Tours and you will be protected by this act when traveling with us.

As we are a travel agency specialising in Japan, you can depend on us to provide optimum customer service and advice on this captivating country. We will fulfil any requirements and desires to make this a holiday of a lifetime.

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With our guided group tour packages you will be acquainted with the soul of Japan, where you can embark on discovering the hidden gems and highlights of one of the world’s most diverse destinations.


You can experience the Japanese hospitality, the magnificent scenery; visit the ancient temples alongside the futuristic cityscapes and natural hot spring spas, whilst indulging in culinary luxuries.

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Ichiban Travels can tailor your trip to your specific wishes with activities and excursions and a local guide if needed, based on your interests and budget.


All you have to do is tell us, what your interests are and for how long you want to travel, then you can leave the rest to us and we will arrange your dream holiday for you.

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Ichiban Travels can arrange private guided group tours to Japan for a minimum of six people.


The trip will be tailor-made to your group’s specification and you will have the comfort of a guide to give you a unique travel experience.

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Ichiban Travels offers an incomparable service for those who want a little extra by creating extraordinary travel routes, selecting luxurious hotels, ryokans and the best Japanese restaurants to tickle your taste buds.


We can also offer private airport transfers, VIP and fast track airport assistance.

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Japan is one of the safest and cleanest countries to travel in the world and an obvious winner for the whole family.


Japan offers an incredible variety of attractions for children including countless museums, whether you are interested in samurai swords, manga cartoons, ninja, robots or just want to explore a natural history museum, a science museum or exotic zoo’s and aquariums. Or visit a sword smith who will show you the traditional way of producing the cherished samurai swords.


You will also find numerous theme parks and theme restaurants such as Sanrio Puroland, a theme park dedicated to Japan’s best known cat, Hello Kitty, or Nikko Edomura, a samurai theme park designed as a village from the samurai era where you can be dressed up in historical outfits. Also Disneyland and Universal Studios are running popular amusement parks.


And then of course, Japan caters to any wish for sumptuous toy stores, manga stores, electronics and gadgets of any kind imaginable.


To ride the high-speed train Shinkansen around Japan is a memorable experience for the whole family. Allow yourself to be impressed by the unbelievable precision and efficiency in the operation of the trains – but remember to allow ample time when getting on and off. There is a reason why the trains run without delay.


In Japan it is possible to get a lot of cultural experiences. Try out calligraphy, Japanese cooking, origami, ikebana, taiko drums, martial arts or get dressed up in the traditional kimono.


Japan truly has an abundance of offers for children of any age.

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Planning a trip to a destination that has so much to offer can be tedious and time consuming. Even if you are not looking for a full itinerary, Ichiban Travels may still be of service to you in planning that unforgettable trip.


Whether you are traveling for business or leisure, as a family, a group or as an individual, consider us your friend in Japan who has the local knowledge and can provide you with all the necessary information to ensure that you have an enjoyable and satisfying journey.


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